Industry Circulars

This page contains a list of Industry Circulars related to advertising issued by TTB, ATF, and their predecessor agencies, addressed to members of the alcohol beverage industries, since the first Industry Circular was issued in 1954. You may also find Industry Circulars related to Labeling and Trade Practices. Please note that information in Industry Circulars may have been modified, superseded, or made obsolete by changes in Federal law or our regulations. If you need to verify the current validity of any Industry Circular, e-mail TTB at or contact the Regulations and Rulings Division, Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, 1310 G Street, Room 200 East, Washington, DC 20220; telephone 202-453-2265.

Note for visually impaired users: Currently, the documents in the Industry Circular Archive are not machine-readable. If you require assistance to read an Industry Circular, please contact the Regulations and Rulings Division at 202-453-2265 to obtain a copy in a format to accommodate your needs.

  • 2013-1 - Use of Social Media in the Advertising of Alcohol Beverages
  • 2011-2 - Application of Alcohol Beverage Advertising Regulations to Television Advertising
  • 2011-1 - Application of Alcohol Beverage Advertising Regulations to Media Personality Sponsorships
  • 2004-6 - Alcohol Beverage Advertising Program
  • 2002-4 - Labeling and Advertising of Flavored Malt Beverages
  • 1993-8 - Health Claims in the Labeling and Advertising of Alcoholic Beverages
  • 1985-13 - Labeling and Advertising Malt Beverages with Less Than One-Half of One Percent Alcohol by Volume as "Non-Alcoholic/Alcohol-Free" and Restrictions for use of the Class Designation "Beer"
  • 1985-4 - Labeling and Advertising Alcohol Beverages as "Natural"
  • 1983-5 - Dollar Limitation for Display and Retailer Advertising Specialties Increased
  • 1980-5 - Label Statements, Advertising, and Analytical Tolerances for Malt Beverages
  • 1979-11 - Label Statements, Advertising and Analytical Tolerances for Malt Beverages
  • 1976-2 - Labeling and Advertising Malt Beverages
  • 1976-7 - Alcoholic Beverage Advertising in Airline Inflight, Hotel Inroom Magazines and Similar Publications
  • 1975-18 - Crests and Seals Relating to the Government and Armed Forces of the United States
  • 1972-9 - Light Whiskey Promotion
  • 1972-16 - Experimental Packaging and Marketing of Distilled Spirits in PVC Plastic Liquor Bottles and Non-Rigid Miniature Containers
  • 1971-14 - Labeling and Advertising of "Light Whiskey" and "Grain Spirits"
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