Equal Employment Opportunity

Alternative Dispute Resolution Order

TTB has an Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program that provides an option for resolving employment disputes raised primarily during the informal stage of the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) complaint process.  ADR is a process designed to provide effective and early conflict management and resolution services, and emphasizes open communication, cooperation, and flexibility in identifying mutual interests and potential solutions.  It also encompasses a variety of problem-solving processes that provide alternatives to the traditional methods for resolving disputes through litigation.

ADR involves a neutral third party designed to help parties resolve their own disputes in creative, productive, and non-adversarial ways.  Some common types of ADR are:

  • informal discussions
  • mediation
  • facilitation
  • fact-finding
  • arbitration

The Department of the Treasury promotes the use of mediation, the most widely used ADR process in the Federal Sector, as the ADR method of resolving employment discrimination disputes.

TTB has an Order, signed by the Administrator, that establishes our ADR program.

Page last reviewed/updated: 01/29/2015

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