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arrow A1: Questions and Answers for TTB Ruling on Caloric and Carbohydrate Representations in Alcohol Beverage Labeling and Advertising.

arrow A2: I live in Pennsylvania and wish to send alcohol to my father in Arizona for his birthday. May I send this package through the mail or does the distributor have to send the package?

arrow A3: Does TTB charge a fee for label approval? If so, how much does it cost?

arrow A4: As a student at the University of Kansas, I am researching why alcohol beverages do not have a nutritional value label as do all other foods, including water. I would like to know the calorie content and other information of my drink.

arrow A5: I am trying to determine what I need to do to make and sell a fermented apple cider with alcohol content under 7 percent by volume. The Food and Drug Administration claims that this falls entirely within their jurisdiction. Does TTB also regulate these products?

arrow A6: How Long Does It Take To Get Label Approval?

arrowA7: Must I have an TTB permit before I can apply for label approval?

arrow A8: How do I secure a TTB permit or a brewer's notice?

arrow A9: What does it mean when your labels are approved?"

arrow A10: If I have an alcohol beverage with an etched or acetate label on the bottle, how do I show that information on the certificate of label approval?

arrow A11: How do I request informal or preliminary comments on a proposed label?

arrow A12: If I am only adding my Internet Web site address to a certificate of label approval, do I need to get a new label approval?

arrow A13: How can I check the status of my label application?

arrow A14: May I submit my label application electronically?

arrow A15: What is a Statement of Process?

arrow A16: I operate a winery and was asked to sell wine bearing a "customized/personalized" label that my customers will use for weddings, corporate events, etc. How do I do this without having to submit each label for approval?

arrow A17: What are bioengineered foods?

arrow A18: Do bioengineered ingredients have any apparent health and safety risks when used in the production of alcohol beverages?

arrow A19: What is TTB's position with regard to the labeling statements about alcohol beverage products that are not bioengineered or that do not contain ingredients produced from bioengineered foods? For example, "Contains No GMOs," "GMO Free-Zone" or any similar references on alcohol beverages?

arrow A20: What is required when applying for a certificate of exemption from label approval for my wine label instead of a Certificate of Label Approval on Form 5100.31?

arrow A21: Questions and Answers regarding Major Food Allergen Labeling for Wines, Distilled Spirits and Malt Beverages.

arrow A22: Questions and answers about third party representation in labeling and formulation matters.


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