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Processing Times for COLAs Online and Formulas Online Registrations

Current Registration Form Processing Times Chart

Our Current Registration Processing Times chart shows up-to-date processing information for applications to register to use COLAs Online and Formulas Online. Use the chart to estimate when your registration is likely to be processed.

If you submitted your registration after the date in the chart below, then we have received your registration but have not yet assigned it for processing. Keep checking this Web page for updates.

Reading the Chart

  • Average Registration Processing Time (Calendar Days) — This column gives the average number of days it takes to process registrations, from the time we receive it until we approve it.
  • Today We are Processing New Registrations Received On — We have not reviewed any registrations received after the date in this column. If you call us about an registration originally submitted after the date posted in the chart below, we won't have any information about the status of your registration.
Current Registration Processing Times: --
Application Type Average Registration Processing Time
(Calendar Days):
Today We are Processing Registrations Received On:
Registrations for access to COLAs Online and Formulas Online -- day(s) --

Want to speed the process up?

Here are the most common things that slow down processing of COLAs Online and Formulas Online registration forms:

  • Permit number supplied is incorrect, pending approval or not in an active status – We will only grant access to COLAs Online and Formulas Online for permits that are in an active status.  In particular, you must wait until your permit is approved before you apply for access to these systems.
  • Problems receiving emails from TTB – If information is missing from your application, we will contact you and request that you send it to us.  We also send your username via email.  Please add to your safe-senders list to prevent our emails from being blocked by spam filters.

Related Information

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