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Industry Circular

Number: 59-60
Date: December 3, 1959

Office of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue
Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Division


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Importers, Bottlers of Distilled
   Spirits and others concerned:

    Purpose. The purpose of this circular is to inform importers and bottlers
of imported distilled spirits of the amended provisions of the Federal distilled
spirits labeling regulations with respect to the disclosure of the country of
origin on labels.

    Background. Section 35, Regulations No. 5, Relating to Labeling and Advertising
of Distilled Spirits, (27 CFR 5.35), has been amended by Treasury Decision 6410
to require the country of origin to appear on the brand or back label of all
distilled spirits whether imported in bottles or bottled after importation.

    Acceptable labeling. While the preferred manner of showing the country of
origin would be "Product of________", the blank to be filled in with the name
of the country of production, the following forms of origin identification will
also be acceptable:

    1. Where the name of the producer, blender or distiller, as the case may
       be, appears on the label and is preceded by the phrase "Produced by",
       "Blended by" or "Distilled by" and followed by his address. The name
       of the country in the address may not be abbreviated but must be fully
       spelled out. For example "V. I." must be stated as "Virgin Islands";

    2. Where the name of the country of production is required to appear
       in the class and type designation such as "Blended Scotch Whisky",
       "Blended Irish Whisky" and "Blended Canadian Whisky"; or

    3. Where the name of the country appears on the label as an appellation
       of origin such as "French Brandy", "Virgin Islands ", Mexican
       Tequila", etc.

    Effective Date. The effective date of the amendment as contained in
T. D. 6410 is December 1, 1959. The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Division is
in receipt of numerous appeals for further time to permit revisions in labels.
In view of these circumstances, no objection will be made to the use of
existing label inventories under appropriate certificates of label approval
for a period of six additional months, or until June 1, 1960. On and after
such date the labels must be appropriately revised and certificates of
approval obtained. Certificates of approval now held by permittees which
cover labels not conforming to the amended regulation should be returned
for cancellation after June 1, 1960.

     Inquiries. Correspondence in regard to this industry circular should
refer to its number and be addressed to the Director, Alcohol and Tobacco
Tax (0:AT:BP), Washington 25, D. C.



                                   Dwight E. Avis
                     Directors Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Division







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