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Industry Circular

Number: 69-1

Date: January 21, 1969

Department of the Treasury

Internal Revenue Service

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Division

Washington, D.C. 20224


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Proprietors of distilled spirits plants, and others concerned:

The purpose of this Circular is to advise you of a change in the plans for implementation of Public Law 90-630 which were given you in Industry Circular 68-34.

In Industry Circular 68-34, you were advised, among other things, that it was proposed to prescribe the use of a Brix saccharometer in determining the wine gallons per pound of spirits containing solids in excess of 600 milligrams per 100 milliliters when the specific gravity of such spirits is more than 1.0.

Further consideration of the procedures, and of the equipment available, has led to a decision to provide for the use of specific gravity hydrometers, rather than Brix saccharometers, in the circumstances outlined above. Accordingly, the regulations will require that where spirits having a high solids content ( a specific gravity of more than 1.0) are to be gauged in bond the proprietor will furnish the assigned officer specific gravity hydrometers, of precision grade, standardization temperature 60°/60° F., having scale subdivisions of 0.0005°, and in ranges--

1.0000 to 1.0500
1.0500 to 1.1000
1.1000 to 1.1500
1.1500 to 1.2000
1.2000 to 1.2500

The regulations will provide that specific gravity hydrometers need be fur- nished only when their use will be required and only in the ranges which will be used. Also, the regulations will provide additional latitude through a provision which will permit authorization of the use of other, equally satisfactory, instruments for determination of specific gravity.

Inquiries concerning this circular should refer to its number and be addressed to your Assistant Regional Commissioner, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

Harold Serr


Harold A. Serr, Director

Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Division

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