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Industry Circular

Number: 70-33
Date: November 4, 1970

Department of the Treasury

Internal Revenue Service

Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Division

Washington, D.C. 20224


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Proprietors of Distilled Spirits Plants, Manufacturers of Liquor Bottles, Importers, Wholesale Liquor Dealers, and Others Concerned:

A survey has been conducted among those bottlers who have been participating in the experimental bottling of distilled spirits products in semi-rigid PVC liquor bottles, as discussed in Industry Circulars 68-32 and 69-20. The survey has shown that, while most participating bottlers are favorably impressed by the performance of the PVC bottles, several of them still have reservations. In addition, we have continued to receive comments from non-participating industry members, and from other sources, indicating a concern over certain characteristics of PVC bottles.

In view of the foregoing we are extending the term of the experiment (originally announced in Industry Circular 68-32 and already extended one time by Industry Circular 69-20) for one more year, to expire December 31, 1971. Accordingly, any proprietors currently authorized to use less than ½-pint or half-gallon PVC liquor bottles may continue to do so (without farther application) until December 31, 1971. Proprietors not previously so authorized may, pursuant to the procedures explained in Industry Circular 68-32, apply for permission to commence using PVC bottles of half-gallon and less than ½-pint capacities.

We are also expanding the experiment (effective April 1, 1971) to include pints among those sizes that may be used. Accordingly, any proprietors wishing to use onepint size PVC bottles from April 1971 until December 31, 1971, may apply for such privilege pursuant to the conditions explained in Industry Circular 68-32. For those proprietors who have previously been authorized to use other sizes, such application may be in modified form, to include only the information (and sample bottle) applicable to the one-pint size.

Rex Davis

Rex D. Davis,

Acting Director

Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Division

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