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Industry Circular

Number: 72-9
Date: April 21, 1972

Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service Alcohol,
Tobacco and Firearms Division
Washington, D.C. 20224


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Proprietors of Distilled Spirits Plants, and Others Concerned:

The purpose of this Circular is to announce to members of the industry that prior to July 1, 1972, "Light Whisky" redesignated as "Whisky" may be bottled in sufficient quantity for trade sampling and for price-posting requirements of some of the States.

As was announced in Industry Circular No. 71-14, certificates of label approval for "Light Whisky" and "Grain Spirits" would be issued pursuant to the submission of proper applications (Form 1649) prior to July 1, 1972. However, such certificates would be endorsed so as to make them inoperative until July 1, 1972. The advertising of "Light Whisky" and "Grain Spirits" on and after April 1, 1972, was also announced by Industry Circular No. 71-14.

In order to provide bottlers the opportunity to obtain sufficient quantities of "Light Whisky" which may be needed in connection with listings by certain States and as samples for trade buyers, "Light Whisky" may be redesignated as "Whisky", withdrawn from bonded storage and bottled for trade sampling. The product may be represented to the States and trade buyers as that "Light Whisky" which the bottler will market on or after July 1, 1972. It may not be labeled as "Light Whisky" but must be labeled as "Whisky", in compliance with 27 CFR, Part 5. However, dummy packages, representative of the product to be marketed, may be presented together with the bottled product. This authority does not extend to the presentation of such whisky to consumers or consumer groups.

Correspondence in regard to this Industry Circular should refer to its number and be addressed to the Director, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Division (CP:AT:RT), Internal Revenue Service, Washington, D. C. 20224.

Rex Davis

Rex D. Davis,

Director Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Division

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