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Industry Circular

Number: 76-27

Date: December 6, 1976

Department of the Treasury

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

Washington, DC 20226


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Proprietors of Bonded Wine Cellars and Others Concerned:

Purpose. This circular is issued to remind producers of special natural wine of the Bureau's position as set forth in Industry Circulars 75-12 and 76-12.

To avoid any misunderstanding, this circular is intended to make it clear that there will be no further extension of time for compliance beyond the December 31, 1976, deadline speci- fied in Industry Circular 76-12. Accordingly, approved ATF Forms 698 Supplemental, Formula and Process for Wine, which are found under the conditions specified in the two aforemen- tioned circulars as not being in conformity with pertinent law and regulations, must be surrendered for cancellation, unless such formulas can be amended by riders. Other provisions of the circulars relating to the submission of new formulas or riders and to the submission of samples must be complied with, and so must the review of affected labels. In order that continued production under amended formulas or new production under new formulas not be interrupted or delayed, the action indicated in those circulars should be taken in time to permit processing of all necessary forms and samples before January 1, 1977.

Copies of Industry Circulars 75-12 and 76-12 are available at the office of the Regional Regulatory Administrator.

Rex Davis

Rex D. Davis


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