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Industry Circular

Number: 84-10

Date: December 31, 1984

Department of the Treasury

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

Washington, DC 20226


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All Federal Firearms Licensees and Others Concerned:

This is to notify you that as a result of a formal process which began on April 22, 1980, the regulations have been changed (effective November 29, 1984), to allow licensees to engage in business at gun shows held within the same State as the licensed premises.

The major substantive change is found in a new subsection, 27 CFR 178.100, which is given in full text:

Section 178.100 Conduct of business away from licensed premises.

(a) A licensee may conduct business temporarily at a gun show if the gun show is located in the same State specified on the license. The premises of the gun show at which the licensee conducts business shall be considered part of his licensed premises. Accordingly, no separate fee or license is required for the gun show locations. However, licensees shall comply with the provisions of Section 178.91 relating to posting of licenses (or a copy thereof) while conducting business at the gun show.

(b) A gun show is an event sponsored by any national, State, or local organization, or affiliate of such organization, devoted to the collection, competitive use, or other sporting use of firearms, or an organization or association that sponsors events devoted to the collection, competitive use, or other sporting use of firearms in the community.

(c) Licensees conducting business at gun shows shall maintain firearms and ammunition records in the form and manner prescribed by Subpart H of this part. In addition, records of receipt and disposition of firearms transactions conducted at gun shows shall include the location of the sale or other disposition and be entered in the required records of the licensee and retained on the premises specified on the license.

Any inquiry concerning this circular should refer to it by number and be addressed to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Compliance Operations, P.O. Box 189, Washington, DC 20226 (Attn: C:F:F:).

Stephen Higgins


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