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Industry Circular

Number: 91-1

Date: January 24, 1991

Department of the Treasury

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

Washington, D.C. 20226


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Explosives Security

All Explosives Licensees, Permittees and Others Concerned:

PURPOSE: The purpose of this circular is to advise industry members of serious problems with storage of explosives which may pose a danger to the public, and to alert industry members to the possibility of theft of explosives by terrorists because of the deteriorating Mideast situation.

Recent inspections have uncovered improperly stored explosives; explosives and/or explosive materials not stored in conformity with the Table of Distances; deteriorated explosives found inside and outside of magazines; explosives stored in unlocked and unattended trailers; and explosives stored in company and private vehicles used by employees to commute to work. We ask that you make a concerted effort to ensure proper, safe, and secure storage of explosives.

We ask that you check your locking systems for adequacy and that you tighten up on any easy access/availability of magazine keys on your premises. Please caution your employees about the dangers of illegal storage of explosives in vehicles used to commute between home and work.

We realize that situations such as those mentioned have been brought to your attention in the past, but we find it necessary to again reiterate this message, so that immediate attention is given to correct those problems which exist with the storage of explosives.

We also remind all licensees/permittees that ATF has a toll free number (800-424-9555) for promptly reporting all losses and thefts of explosives. Through your efforts you can contribute greatly in eliminating the potential hazards of improperly stored explosives and to the efforts of Federal, State and local authorities to reduce the incidence of bombings in the United States.

Stephen Higgins


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