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GovDelivery is a digital communication management system that enables TTB to manage multiple digital communication channels – email, text messaging, and social media – in one system.  We manage the daily subscriptions by sending bulletins to subscribers when new information is available at These electronic bulletins also include weekly news such as the TTB Newsletter, as well as other news and announcements on an as-needed-basis.  These bulletins are most often sent as a way to invite subscribers to view newly posted information about TTB and the Federal alcohol and tobacco laws and regulations we enforce. It is a great way to keep up to date with TTB.

GovDelivery makes it possible for our visitors to subscribe to and receive specific items of interest by their choice of delivery for more than 75 items under various topics such as the commodities (beer, wine, distilled spirits, tobacco, etc.), taxes, permits, news, rulemaking, and more. You can add or delete subscription items yourself, and have the option to password protect your account for increased security. You can opt to have email updates sent immediately, daily, weekly, or monthly to your email accounts, or directly to a wireless device. You may change your subscription preferences at any time and you may add other email alerts too if you choose.

Subscribe to GovDelivery today!  If you’re already subscriber, you can view your Subscriber Preferences to make updates to your account.

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