Permits Online


If a customer files multiple applications within Permits Online, they may choose to organize their applications using a feature called "Collections." This will be especially useful to consultants and customers with multiple regulated operations or locations. Once you have created more than one application, you may create Collections.

Collections Tab

After selecting "Search Your Applications" from the Home screen, select the boxes next to the applications you wish to organize together in a collection and then click "Add To Collection".

You may either create a new Collection or choose an existing Collection.

After your collection is created you may select the "Collections" button at the top of the screen, to open a collection folder and review all of the applications within that Collection.

Add to collections

Create a New Collections

There is no limit to the number of Collection folders you can create.

TIP: Please note that all applications remain in the Primary Records list even if they have also been selected as part of a Collection.


Page last reviewed/updated: 08/27/2012

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