Partnership - Bonded Winery / Bonded Wine Cellar / Taxpaid Wine Bottling House




·         Partnership Agreement – submit either the formal agreement, a Certificate of Partnership issued by the State, or, if no official agreement exists, a written statement signed by all partners certifying that the partnership exists based on a verbal agreement

·         Lease Agreement or Proof of Property Ownership - If you are leasing the property/premises where you will be conducting your operations, you must submit a copy of your lease agreement. This agreement must show that the property owner knows the intended use of the proposed operations at that location and gives consent for the building/land to be leased for this purpose.  Such an agreement is necessary even if the owners or officers of the company own the property and are “leasing” to the company.   If you own the property/premises, provide proof of ownership.

·         Bond Form – Form 5120.36 (Not needed if filing for Taxpaid Wine Bottling House only)

·         Copy of Drivers License or Official State ID Card – TTB is not currently requiring the submission of a copy of Driver's license or official state ID card, but may require such documentation upon request.

·         Diagram – detailed with the dimensions, identifying equipment with size, loading docks, doors, windows, etc. This is also required if you are part of an Alternating Proprietorship or Alternating Premises

·         Source of Funds Documentation - For each owner (whether it is an individual, company, or trust), you must supply copies of documentation to support the sources of funding for the investment showing on this application.   Examples of these sources of funding and details outlining what is required to be submitted are shown below:


·         Financial Gifts – The name of any individual making a gift, along with the amount of the gift, must be shown on the application.   You must submit a statement from the individual stating that they have no interest in the business.  You also must submit a financial record or bank statement showing your receipt of the gift.

·         Loans – You must submit a copy of the promissory note or a statement from the entity providing any loan made as part of the source of funds.  You must also submit a financial record or bank statement showing your receipt of the loan amount.

·         Bank Account Records – If the source of funds invested in the business is from a savings account, checking account, or other source(s), you must submit a current bank statement with a balance which includes that amount present, and the bank statements for each of the three months prior to that month.  If the funds have already been used, you must submit a bank statement from the month that the funds were removed for business purposes, and the bank statements for each of the three months prior to that month.   In addition, you must submit any documentation (copies of checks, details within bank statement, etc.) showing that the funds were used for business purposes.

o   If the bank account is a jointly owned account (such as with a spouse), please submit a signed letter from the other party stating that they have no control or ownership in the proposed business (if applicable).

o   If a company has a current, official, detailed Financial Statement covering the proposed operations, it may be submitted in lieu of the above-mentioned bank account records.

·         Signing Authority Authorization - one of the following is required:


·         Partnership Resolution – required if you will be granting Signing Authority to individuals or positions through a Partner's Meeting decision as opposed to such authority being specifically granted within the Partnership documents.

·         Signing Authority For Corporate or LLC Officials Form – submit TTB Form 5100.1, completed and signed.


Required Depending on Circumstances


·         Bottling On Account For Trade Name Letter – required if you are adding a Bottling on Account For Trade Name

·         Alternating Proprietorship Agreement – required if you indicated you were part of an Alternating Proprietorship, or if you indicated you were part of an Alternating Premises arrangement with a different owner

·         Consent of Surety Form – if required based on your proposed operations, Form 5000.18

·         Power of Attorney Form – required if you are assigning Power of Attorney to other individuals within the application