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Permits Online Processing Steps

Our processing steps are as follows:

Step 1 – Triage (with the exception of Wholesaler/Importer applications which are not triaged) – the application is reviewed for completeness and associated with any mailed or faxed documents as well as the Owner Officer Information (OOI) application(s). Once the application is complete, the application is accepted (a new tracking number is assigned and an email will be sent) and assigned to an Application Specialist.

Step 2 – Application Processing – the application is reviewed for accuracy. Additional information or corrections may be requested and an interview may be conducted. Once the application is considered correct and complete the application will be forwarded for approval.

Step 3 – Final Approval – the application will be reviewed by the approving official. If complete and correct, the application will be approved and the approval documents will be uploaded to your application. You will receive an automatically generated email notifying you of the uploaded documents. You may view and print these documents as needed. To access these documents:

  1. Log into the Permits Online System
  2. Click on the SEARCH YOUR APPLICATIONS link
  3. Click on the tracking number of the approved application
  4. Click the arrow next the VIEW DETAILS within the RECORD/APPLICATION DETAILS section
  6. Click on the name of the document and select OPEN to view the attachment.

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Page last updated: December 10, 2015
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