TTB Press Release

For Immediate Release
Contact: Art Resnick

November 30, 2004


Washington, DC – In response to the high volume of new products, increased competition, and expanded alcohol advertising through the Internet, cable and satellite television, and the print media, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) has announced that it will take a more proactive approach toward monitoring and reviewing alcohol beverage advertising.

TTB is responsible for the administration of the Federal Alcohol Administration (FAA) Act. In part, the FAA Act requires that alcohol beverage labels and advertisements provide the consumer with adequate information regarding a product’s identity and quality, and prohibits misleading labels or advertisements that are likely to result in consumer deception.

In the past, TTB invited industry members to voluntarily submit new or questionable advertising for clearance prior to using such material. Under the new Alcohol Beverage Advertising Program, TTB plans to contact select industry members and request that they provide specific brand advertising materials. TTB will then examine this advertising to determine compliance with mandatory and prohibited statement requirements.

The announcement of this initiative is part of TTB’s ongoing FAA Act enforcement program designed to establish a comprehensive compliance strategy to protect the consumer and encourage voluntary industry compliance.

For additional information refer to Industry Circular #2004-6 available on the web at