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Submitting samples with formulas

The following guidelines should help the submitter decide when it is appropriate to send a two-ounce sample of their product along with TTB Form 5154.1. Sending a sample when it is not required adds unnecessary burden to the Lab and is an unnecessary cost to you.

You should not send a sample when:

You should send a sample when:

  • Formula does not list significant amounts of flavor chemicals.
  • Only essences, concentrates, extracts are listed.
  • Less than 10% by weight essential oil in a washed extract.
  • Formula contains masking agents such as sugar, high fructose corn syrup, glycerin, juices.
  • Ingredient making formula unfit is not listed on formula.
  • Product is not produced in the United States (even if unfit by guidelines)
  • Product is a sauce/syrup - ethanol is not more than 12% (v/v) and residual solids greater than or equal to 60 grams per 100 cubic centimeters.
  • Vanilla extracts
  • Bitters

Note: the submitter should list the specific chemical(s) that make the product unfit on the form.  This could eliminate the need to submit a sample.


Page last reviewed/updated: 12/11/2014

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