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Nonbeverage Products Laboratory

Flavors Used in Alcoholic Beverages

  • The manufacturer must provide information to the alcohol beverage manufacturer on any U.S. Food and Drug Administration limited ingredients and TTB limited ingredients.
  • The manufacturer may download and use the Flavor Ingredient Data Sheet (FIDS) to disclose those ingredients that are limited or would affect the labeling of the alcohol beverage (e.g., FD&C Yellow #5).
  • The manufacturer must submit a TTB Form 5154.1 or register to Formulas Online and submit formulas electronically to the NPL when selling flavors to producers of alcohol beverages, regardless of whether those flavors contain alcohol, disclosing the composition of the flavor. The most efficient way to submit this form is electronically using Formulas Online.


Page last reviewed/updated: 12/17/2014

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