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Labeling Resources by Commodity

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General Resources

These resources relate to an assortment of labeling topics including processing times for applications, personalized labels, allowable changes, organic claims, and more.

Labeling Home Page
Browse TTB's labeling resources for wine, malt beverages, beer, and distilled spirits, including guidance, statistics, and news and events

Processing Times for Label Applications
See how many days it takes to process your application

Prevention of Misleading Health-related Statements
TTB's response to the National Association of Attorney Generals concerns on the formulation and marketing of alcohol beverages that contain ingredients typically associated with non-alcohol energy drinks.

Allowable Changes to Approved Labels
You can make certain changes to your labels without obtaining a new certificate of label approval or COLA (TTB Form 5100.31). Look at some sample changes to labels, guidance information, and the complete list of allowable revisions.

Personalized Labels
TTB provides the beverage alcohol industry with clear guidance on our long standing policies as it relates to personalized labeling.

What You Should Know About Labeling
These TTB brochures provide explanations of the information that must be provided to the public on the following labels:

U.S. Appellations of Origin
Learn all about appellations of origin—approved U.S. viticultural areas as identified in 27 CFR part 9—at TTB's "U.S. Appellations of Origins" page. Learn about foreign appellations of origin, as well.

Labels with Organic Claims
TTB provides you with the most up-to-date information for the production, handling, processing, labeling, and marketing of products labeled with organic claims.

Labeling Fact Review Methods
TTB periodically reviews labeling and advertising claims by taking samples of alcohol beverage products for validation purposes.  TTB's Alcohol Fact Labeling Methods page provides details on this process.

Pre-COLA Evaluation
For many alcohol beverage products, TTB requires a product evaluation to determine whether a proposed label identifies the product in an adequate and non-misleading way. Visit TTB's Formulation pages to learn more.

Public Guidance

This collection of formal public guidance includes rulings, procedures, industry circulars, and other publications issued to help the regulated industries understand TTB regulations, policies, and other requirements as it relates to labeling.

Laws and Regulations
TTB's labeling laws and regulations

Penalty for Violations of the Alcoholic Beverage Labeling Act
See the penalty for violating this Act, which requires a health warning statement on the labels of all containers of alcoholic beverages sold or distributed in the United States.

TTB's labeling rulings

Industry Circulars
Keep up-to-date with information concerning TTB-regulated industry.

Formal instructions to the industry that supplement TTB labeling regulations.

Mandatory Labeling Requirements

The Beverage Alcohol Manual (BAM) is a guide to basic mandatory labeling requirements.

Distilled Spirits
The basics of distilled spirits labeling

Malt Beverages
The basics of malt beverage labeling

The basics of wine labeling

COLAs Guidance

Certificate/Exemption of Label/Bottle Approval (COLA) authorizes the holder to bottle and remove the product identified on the certificate from the plant(s) identified on the certificate where it was bottled or packaged, or to remove products from Customs custody.

Alcohol producers must apply for a Certification/Exemption of Label/Bottle Approval (COLA). See the guidance below.

Certification/Exemption of Label/Bottle Approval (COLA)
Alcohol producers must apply for a COLA and follow TTB's labeling and advertising regulations.

COLAs Online
COLAs Online is an Internet based system that allows registered industry members to complete the label certification and approval process online.

Retention of COLAs by Alcohol Wholesalers
TTB guidance for retention of COLAs by alcohol wholesalers

Release Notices
An archive of the release notices containing details of the features, functions, and changes included with a given release of COLAs Online

Market-based Sampling Program

Each year we conduct a random survey of products through our Alcohol Beverage Sampling Program (ABSP) to determine if products are in compliance with our labeling regulations. See the results of these findings.

Alcohol Beverage Sampling Program - Label and Content Review

Alcohol Beverage Advertising Program - Advertising Review


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