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Permits Online Required Documents

When you’re applying for a permit or a notice we will often need additional information about you and your business, and we might require other items depending on your circumstances.  The dropdown menu boxes below will help you find the page with the additional requirements for your business type (e.g. LLC, partnership) and your application commodity (winery, brewery, importer, etc.).  The page that will open after you make your selection contains information about many of the following categories and document types, depending on your choice: 

  • Lease agreement or proof of property ownership

  • Diagram of premises

  • Copy of Driver’s License or Official State ID Card

  • Source of funds (bank account statements, loans or gifts)

  • Signing Authority Authorization, Power of Attorney Form

  • Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Incorporation, By-Laws, Articles of Organization, Certificate of Organization, Partnership Agreement

  • Alternating Proprietorship Agreement, Business Plan, Operating Agreement, “Bottling On Account For Trade Name” Letter, Proof of Trade Name Registration

  • Bond form, Consent of Surety Form, Transfer of Spirits in Bond Form

  • Letter of Intent for Foreign Supplier, Certificate to Operate in Foreign State

Select your Business Organization Type below to see the required documents you’ll need.



Page last reviewed/updated: 09/25/2013

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