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Permits Online makes it easy for you to apply for the type of permit you need to start your business - just follow the instructions and prompts.  When you finish entering the required information and click submit, we begin processing your application, and send you a tracking number so you can check the status of your application online.  If you are prompted for additional documentation during the process, you can upload the requested documents electronically.  There is no fee to apply.

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  • Log into your Permits Online account to check your status.
  • Our goal is to process applications within 75 days of receipt.
  • Only call us to inquire about the status of applications if we have exceeded the average application processing times described in the above link.
  • See average application processing times for details.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding, and we will continue in our endeavor to serve you better.

Release Notices
Version 4.2 Updates - September 2015
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Description: IMPORTANT

As of January 1, 2017, if you are the proprietor of a brewery, distilled spirits plant, or winery owing not more than $50,000 in excise taxes in the previous year, and you expect to owe not more than $50,000 in excise taxes in the current year on beer, distilled spirits, or wine, you may no longer be required to hold a bond.

In addition, if you owed not more than $1,000 in excise taxes the previous year and expect to owe not more than $1,000 in the current year, you will be eligible to file your excise taxes annually, rather than semi-monthly or quarterly.

The information in this tutorial may not reflect these changes. TTB will update it as soon as possible. In the meantime, please see our Bond and Filing Changes homepage for more details.
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How Do I

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